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Siow Soo Fei
Head of Operations

Miss Siow Soo Fei is in-charge of the company operation in Spatialworks Sdn Bhd.

She obtained her BA Geography from University of Malaya, majoring in Geographical Information System (GIS) and minoring in Environmental Study. She has 15 years working experience in GIS, Environmental and Information Technology applications development.

Before joining Spatialworks, she was a Tutor in Department of Geography, University of Malaya and a Research Officer and/or Research Assistant in various projects by government agencies including the Department of Environment and Klang Valley Development and Planning Section, Prime Ministers Department back in early 2000s.

Her project management experiences continues in Spatialworks Sdn Bhd for projects by Election Commission of Malaysia (SPR), Department of Marine Park Malaysia (DMPM), Department of Environment (DOE), Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), Putrajaya Corporation (PjC), etc. She has vast experience on major GIS and Internet GIS softwares, programming skills in a number of languages, database and graphic softwares.
Mohamad Sahidan Hassan
Administration Manager

Mr. Mohamad Sahidan Hassan is in-charge of company administration in Spatialworks Sdn Bhd.

A graduate in Computer Science majoring in Artificial Intelligence from University of Malaya, he joined Spatialworks as a Programmer. Since then he was involved in various system development projects.

Due to his knowledge and skills in project and financial management, he was promoted to Administration Manager to oversee the overall office and financial management.

He is currently the Project Manager to Putrajaya Lake and Wetlands Monitoring and Operation System (PLWMOS). These project has been managed by Spatialworks Sdn Bhd since 2003. He was also involved in many other projects carried out by Spatialworks Sdn Bhd had contributed to the success of all the projects.
Raja Khuzairie Azaham
IT Manager

Raja Khuzairie Azaham is an Information Technology (IT) and Geographical Information System (GIS) Lead Programmer with over 10 years of experiences.

During his studies in Information Technology in University of Malaya, he was a Research Assistant in various university's departments before joining Spatialworks as a Computer Programmer back in 2003.

In over 10 years, he has developed more than 50 computer applications including stand-alone applications, database management, computer network systems and internet application for various government and private agencies (e.g. Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), Putrajaya Corporation (PjC), Jabatan Perancang Bandar dan Desa (JPBD), Lembaga Kemajuan Terengganu Tengah (KETENGAH), Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), and many more).

He is a specialist in developing web-mapping applications and GIS Application using proprietary and open-source software with vast experience in various programming language, database and computer technologies.

Currently he is the IT Manager for Spatialworks, managing the IT department on applications development and R&D.



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Our Company is a technology driven GIS-IT and environmental consultancy company.

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