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Mohamed Nazari Jaafar
Founder and Managing Director

Mr. Mohamed Nazari Jaafar or better known as Nazari is the Founder and Managing Director of Spatialworks Sdn Bhd, a company he incorporated in 2000.

He is among the rare GIS Specialist with specialization in GIS Analysis and Modelling and has more than 28 years experience with special focus on Spatio-Environmental Assessment and Management.

After graduated from East Carolina University, North Carolina, USA in 1986, he began his career with Mauldin-Parmell Inc., a Civil Engineering Consultancy company in 1986 as Assistant Planner in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. At the same time, he enrolled for his MSc in Planning at the University of Tennessee and graduated in 1988. He continued working with Mauldin-Parmell Inc., until 1991 before returning back to Malaysia. In 1992, he joined University of Malaya as a Tutor before furthering his studies in University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was a GIS Lecturer in the Department of Geography, University of Malaya from 1996 until 2002.

Since 1997 he has been an active GIS consultant to various government and private agencies in Malaysia. At the international level he was involved as GIS Consultant with Kano State Government, Nigeria in one of their project to rehabilitate 3 irrigation dams. He was also involved in the design and development of rubber plantation schemes for the Government of Laos.
Dr. Abdul Rani Abdullah

Dr Abdul Rani is an organic chemist by training (BSc (Hons) in Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Loughborough University of Technology, UK and PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of New South Wales, Australia), with more than 26 years experience in academia and the corporate sector.

He served as a lecturer at the University of Malaya since 1987 and left as an Associate Professor in 2001. He then joined Alam Sekitar Malaysia (ASMA) as a Senior Manager of which he was promoted to General Manager and CEO of the company until he left in 2013.

Dr Abdul Rani Abdullah possess extensive experience as a Principal Consultant in the field of Water Resource Management in addition to environmental management and business development experience ranging from full project life cycle through to formulation and implementation of company business plans. He has been a member of various technical/advisory committees including the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), the Department of Environment and the City Council of Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) related to the field of environmental and water resources management, including standards formulations related to water quality. Dr Abdul Rani has also been involved in the design and conducting of environmental courses for various government agencies, institutions of higher learning and the private sector, notably, the Environmental Institute of Malaysia (EiMAS), the Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Petronas Gas Berhad and the Petronas Group HSE division.
Kasrul Amir

Mr. Kasrul Amir is one of the co-founder of Spatialworks Sdn Bhd and a GIS graduate from University of Malaya.

He has more than 12 years working experience through his involvement in all GIS projects undertaken by the company.

Other than handling GIS database and solving technical issues, his experience also includes survey and mapping of locality boundary throughout Malaysia for Election Commission of Malaysia (SPR) since 2009. Born in Tawau, he has lead the GIS team in Sabah’s locality mapping project.
Badlishah Ahmad Sulaiman

Mr Badlishah Ahmad Sulaiman is an appointed Strategy, Risk & Corporate Development Director to oversee the corporate management and operations of Spatialworks Sdn Bhd.

An experienced and innovative manager with sophisticated corporate skills in strategy and corporate development, Badlishah Ahmad Sulaiman brings forth more than 25 years of learned hands-on wealth of applied knowledge in financial services, investment banking and O&G to the company.

With an Honours Degree in Economics (UPM), he was first moulded by AIG for 11 years before being head-hunted by Merrill Lynch Investment Bank (Singapore), Aseambankers and TA Asset Management. Since 2004 Badlishah Ahmad Sulaiman started a career move into O&G industry holding senior positions in Armada TPCE, AG&P (Phillippines), GPMC (UAE) and as the Group Chief Operating Officer with a state-linked offshore services company. Badlishah Ahmad Sulaiman is familiar with the full range of engineering chain (EPIC) to offshore support services (Marine and T&I – Transportation & Installation) and a known personality in the O&G’s geophysical and geotechnical community in South East Asia and the Middle East.



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