Internet GIS Solution

Recent developments in Internet technologies and associated tools being provided by GIS technology vendors now provide the capability for developing Internet-based GIS solutions.

For most organizations, realizing the investments they have made in spatial databases can be best achieved by providing their clients/users with broad access to this data.  We are well experienced in developing internet-based applications which can be useful tool in the integration and coordination of multi-sectoral work.


Open Source Internet GIS Solution

Spatialworks Sdn Bhd promotes use of Open Source software. We are fully capable of developing Internet based GIS applications based on Open Source GIS software. We also provide training on the use of desktop and internet based Open Source Software.

Open Source software is free and no annual maintenance license fees imposed. It has similar or better capabilities and functionalities compared to proprietary software.

Open Source applications are more cost-effective, easier to use and customize, and very much in-line with MAMPU Open Source Master Plan.